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Lighthouse Park


It’s been a while since I have last visited my corner of the internet and I’m happy to say it stills feel like home.

Did I miss it? Of course!

But I needed a break. Why you ask?

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Style Secret: Work With What You Have

Fall Fashion

After six months of travelling, it won’t come as a surprise that I didn’t have the funds to go out and buy a work wardrobe for my new corporate gig. Therefore, over the past few weeks I have been taking a special interest in what I already have and how I can combine pieces into work appropriate outfits.

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Black Friday Sales in Vancouver


The other day I was in Forever 21 and as I left, the change room associate said, “Just so you know, we open at 6am on Friday”. I gave her a puzzled look, responded “Thanks?” and walked away thinking “Why would Forever 21 be opening so early on Friday?”

It took a while but then dawned on me; Black Friday – apparently has become a big thing in Canada. I hoped it would never come to this.

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Style Secret: Inspired Office Wear

Jess Sturdy, Blair Eadie, Rachel Martino

When I got the call that I had landed a corporate gig, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait to get back to office life and be mentally stimulated and challenged again, but it wasn’t long after I popped some celebratory bubbles that I thought, “I have nothing to wear!”.

Luckily, as an avid blog reader, I knew just where to turn to for 9-5 style inspiration.

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Ft. Snelling Cemetery


Last year on November 17, my family and I laid my grandpa “Don” to rest at Ft. Snelling Cemetery in Minneapolis, Minnesota – the same city he came into the world in back in 1921.

I had never been to a national graveyard before and to say it was overwhelming would be an understatement.

The graves seemed to be never-ending, and blanket of snow that welcomed us on arrival gave the illusion that maybe they never did.

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