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Summer in Canada

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If I could recommend any time to visit Canada it would be the summer, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

I absolutely adore my country and cannot say enough great things about it, but I would be foolish if I said, “Canada is great to visit any time of the year”. That my friends, is not an accurate statement.

Don’t get me wrong – Canada is beautiful in the winter, and if you’re an avid skier or snowboarder it might be your dream to visit our incredible mountain ranges (specifically the west coast, where you’ll find some of the best skiing on the planet). Having said that, I would HIGHLY advise visiting Canada during the summer months, when you don’t have to wear layers of clothing and scrape ice off your rental car.

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Happy Hour in Vancouver

There are a variety of afternoon activities I enjoy participating in. For example, a leisurely walk through Stanley Park, some window shopping on Robson, or strolling for goodies through Granville Island. Without a doubt, however, my favourite afternoon activity is grabbing a happy hour drink with friends.

This glorious afternoon tradition is only a recent phenomenon here in beautiful Vancouver. When I worked as a bartender in the city, I remember countless tourists who would wander in around three o’clock to ask about happy hour specials, only to be told, “We don’t do happy hour”. How uncivilized.

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Standing on top of the world: Vancouver Sea-to-Sky


When I look back on my first trip to Vancouver, almost three years ago now, there is one memory that stands out. One painful, gruelling, yet exhilarating experience that stands out amongst the other memories I made during my trip… hiking The Chief.

The Stawamus Chief, just 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver, is a mammoth rock face that towers over the city of Squamish and offers unprecedented views of Howe Sound and the coastal mountain range. For a beginner hiker it was a rough journey, therefore; despite the amazing views, climbing “The Chief” has never been my go-to suggestion for Vancouver visitors. Suddenly, all of that has changed.

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It’s raining in Toronto; here’s what you should do

Before we set off on our travels through the Caribbean and Europe we had a two-week stop in our glorious former home, Toronto, to visit friends and family.

During our time in the city we had an amazing “indoor day” in an attempt to escape the bone-chilling cold weather that goes hand-and-hand with Toronto in February. Although it’s June now, and starting to warm up in the city, it’s not quite beach weather. Indoor activities might be a good idea until you can truly count on mother-nature to show up.

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