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I promised myself that I wouldn’t start another post with “It’s been a whirlwind week” or something along those lines, but I really feel like that is the most accurate statement of almost every week.

It seems as though time is going faster… and faster… and I can barely keep up! It’s a blessing and a curse.

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Shoulder Season vs. High Season in Europe


The last time I travelled Europe in 2010 it was during Shoulder Season. The wonderful fall months when there is a crispness in the air and more importantly, the tourist crowds throughout Europe start to dissipate. Yes, travelling from the months of September to December meant my suitcase was full of sweaters, and more then one pair of knee-high boots. Fall fashion is my favourite, so that was definitely not a deterrent.

So, what are the differences in travel between these two timelines?

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It’s raining in Toronto; here’s what you should do

Before we set off on our travels through the Caribbean and Europe we had a two-week stop in our glorious former home, Toronto, to visit friends and family.

During our time in the city we had an amazing “indoor day” in an attempt to escape the bone-chilling cold weather that goes hand-and-hand with Toronto in February. Although it’s June now, and starting to warm up in the city, it’s not quite beach weather. Indoor activities might be a good idea until you can truly count on mother-nature to show up.

Here is how to blow your budget and have an epic Saturday (or Sunday if you prefer), in Toronto on a rainy or not-quite-summer day: View Post

Eating in Italy- Five Lessons Learned

Elba Island

You would think that eating in Italy would be easy.

As we all know, Italy is world renowned for its food. From pizza and pasta, tiramisu and gelato, the list of Italian specialties is vast and the quality of food is truly incomparable.

But as I have learned during my time in Italy, being shown around by my lovely knowledgable Italian friends, eating here is not for the faint of heart… or the “Italian etiquette uneducated”.

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Let’s Catch Up


There is an art to balancing life, travel, and blogging – one that I am now sure I have not mastered.

If you’ve been following along on my adventures, you would of noticed that last week was a little “light” in regards to blog postings. Want to know why…?

Let’s Catch Up!

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