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A Taste of the Sahara

Sahara Photo Diary

Hi Everyone!

We have returned safe and sound from a life-changing adventure to the Sahara desert. I know there are going to be many questions, and I have many answers – but not today. My entire being is exhausted (in a good way), and I’ll need a day or two of recovery. But I promise the wait will be worth it, and in the mean time, here’s a small taste of what we experienced… View Post

What to See/ Do In Barcelona


Barcelona attracts millions of tourists each year, and when you visit, it’s easy to see why.

This cosmopolitan city offers great weather, an array of cultural attractions, and ample opportunities to get out and have fun. Whether you are on a backpackers budget or living the high life in five-star hotels, you are sure to find something that piques your interest, compliments your budgets, and leaves you saying “I love this city”.

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Photo Diary- Madrid & Barcelona


Here is a small photo recap of our recent trips to Madrid and Barcelona. Sadly, there are only a few photos from Madrid because I had my first “tech fail” and lost quite a few shots. Without further ado – enjoy!  View Post

Three Things I’m Happy I Packed

When we were packing for our six-month adventure, I remember feeling mildly overwhelmed. Going from winter in Canada, to the warmth of the Caribbean, followed by a European spring, and hopefully, what will turn out to be a beautiful and hot European summer. How was I suppose to pack for such dramatic location and seasonal changes?!

I soon realized that despite not knowing if my clothing selection was bang-on for our six-month journey, I was definitely successful in a different area of packing: the tech area. Now, obviously I had a little help (my genius tech-loving boyfriend) but I thought I would share the three tech-item necessities I am oh-so-happy we brought with us. View Post