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Good Shoes Take You Good Places

As we approach the end of our 6 month European adventure, I have noticed myself looking into the depths of my suitcase and thinking, “Could I have done better?” By that I mean, could I have packed less, would I have chosen different articles, are there things hiding in there that I haven’t even touched?

I wrote before on how packing for long-term travel can be somewhat daunting (find the articles here and here), and how it’s tough to pack for weather that will span three different seasons: winter, spring and summer. But now, as I sit here with two days left of our trip, I think, “I did a pretty damn good job”.

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Three Tips for Travelling in a Pack


I have been very blessed over the past few weeks to have numerous guests join Andy and I on our travels. Some have been planning their journey for months, while others found a break in their schedule and thought, “why not?!”

We dined like kings in Italy with my almost-in-laws, road-tripped around Sardinia with my friend Emma, explored Paris with my mother (her 1st time in the City of Light), and drank far too much beer with our globetrotting friend Kerri in Belgium. The memories that were made will last a lifetime, and the stories that can be told, well, many will be kept within the pack.

But is travelling alone easier than travelling in a group?

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Three Skincare Products I Love

Over the past three months I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of writing my blog. It has given me an outlet to communicate with friends and family, meet new friends via the blogging community and forced me to learn acronyms that were previously not part of my vocabulary. SEO anyone?!

Having my own little space on the internet has also assisted in rediscovering my passion for writing, sharing, and exploring the world around me. But moving forward there are other interests that I would like to integrate into my blog… the first being beauty and fashion.

This Thursday’s Three Things is a beauty post is on my favourite skincare products so read on and enjoy!

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Shoulder Season vs. High Season in Europe


The last time I travelled Europe in 2010 it was during Shoulder Season. The wonderful fall months when there is a crispness in the air and more importantly, the tourist crowds throughout Europe start to dissipate. Yes, travelling from the months of September to December meant my suitcase was full of sweaters, and more then one pair of knee-high boots. Fall fashion is my favourite, so that was definitely not a deterrent.

So, what are the differences in travel between these two timelines?

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Tourist Attractions in Spain

Alhambra, Spain

Travel and budgeting go hand-in-hand.

When on an extended trip, it is important to really think about what “extras” you are going to indulge in. From tickets to tours, admission fees and more, there are tons of things that tempt you to spend your hard earned dollars on the road. You can’t say yes to every single one.

But how do you know what is worth the your travel dollar? When it comes to Spain, I kept track of all the tourist attractions we spent money on, and happy to say, I think we did well.

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