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Five Weekend Getaways From Vancouver

There is so much I love about Vancouver within the city itself that I could go weeks without leaving my downtown bubble and be perfectly happy, but sometimes you just have to get away.

It doesn’t have to be far, but it’s nice on a weekend to pack up the car, hit the road and check out somewhere new (or one of your old favourites).

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Tofino: Don’t Miss Out

tofino surf

I have a confession.

I didn’t have a taco, drink a pint, or even put my toes in the water at Long Beach. I did Tofino wrong.

Now, in my defense, this Labour Day weekend I was staying in Ucluelet, so I only spent a short time in Tofino but I’m still disappointed in myself for not following through on the things I wanted to see and do.

If you’re a westcoaster, you know that every time you mention that you’ve been to Tofino someone inevitably asks, “Did you have a taco?” or “Did you go surfing?”

No! I didn’t do anything I intended to in Tofino and I’m still mildly upset about it. But I keep telling myself, “It’s just another reason to go back”.

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Want to know what’s going on in Vancouver? Look Here.

Whenever you are planning a trip to a new city there are necessary things you look into. For example, transportation, accommodation, and local attractions.

But often times, we don’t look into the specific events happening in the city throughout our stay, resulting in a, “If I knew THAT was going on, I totally would of checked it out” moment.

Thankfully, when it comes to the city of Vancouver there is ample information on what’s happening in the city on any day of the week. So, before you plan your whole vacation, make sure to check out these websites to make the most out of your stay.

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Vancouver’s Amazing Stanley Park


Vancouver is awesome.

This city has so much to offer travellers that it’s hard to know where to start offering advice on our best  attractions.

Of course it’s no surprise that during my time in the local service industry, the question I got asked the most was, “What must we absolutely see / do in Vancouver?” 

Despite all the city has to offer, that question was always easy for me to answer, “You must see Stanley Park”.

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Weekend Wander: A Trip to Ucluelet

It’s bittersweet. The last long-weekend of the summer has come and gone, but I can’t even be upset about it because I had a fabulous weekend away.

This weekend, my fiancé and our friends travelled to Vancouver Island to explore the town of Ucluelet, or Ukee as the locals call it. I’ve never been to that side of the island, so I was exited to see the Pacific Ocean in all its glory and explore a place off the well-travelled path.

Here is a little snapshot of what we got up to.

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