Where to Stay in Grenada


I have talked about my love for the island of Grenada a few times on the blog now. This is paradise on earth.

My post Great Eats in Grenada has been one of my most popular posts, with Things to Do in Grenada catching up quickly. Therefore, I thought it was time to share my thoughts on where to stay on this magnificent island.

I admit I almost always stay with my in-laws, but if they ever needed a break from me, you’d be able to find me at one of these exceptional island resorts. I’ve been to each one, so take my advice…

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Things to do in Grenada

Winters are brutal in Canada. Let’s be real.

The minute the fall temperatures start rolling in, many of us are reminded that the cold winter that is just around the corner. Ice. Snow. Polar Vortex. We know it’s coming, but we’re just not ready to think about it yet, so what do a lot of Canadians do?

Start planning a winter vacation!

That’s right, we start looking for a vacation that will make our Canadian winter just the slightest bit more bearable.

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Great Eats in Grenada

Grenada Restaurants

Before my partner and I embarked on our European adventure, we spent some time on the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. We have been blessed to visit numerous times (it helps when you have family reside there) and it is truly starting to feel like a second home.

The landscape is surreal. Beautiful beaches, pristine water, rolling hills, lush rainforest, and more than enough fruit to fill your hearts desire. The beauty of the island definitely is enough to leave an impression on any traveller, however, the lovely locals are what keeps us coming back. I have always felt that Grenadians are the Caribbean’s kindest and most hospitable people. View Post