Good ol’ US of A.

Five Things To Do in Las Vegas.

I’m happy to say that I have very fond (and mildly fuzzy) memories of my last trip to Las Vegas.

I went with my girlfriends at the tender age of 21 and had the time of my life. We drank, danced, ate till our hearts content and shopped like we had never used a VISA before. We skipped lines, wore short dresses with 5-inch heels, and one of us may or may not haveĀ ended up in one of the Venetian fountains; but that story is for another time…

It truly was the quintessential girls trip and has had me wanting to go back ever since.

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Five Weekend Getaways From Vancouver

There is so much I love about Vancouver within the city itself that I could go weeks without leaving my downtown bubble and be perfectly happy, but sometimes you just have to get away.

It doesn’t have to be far, but it’s nice on a weekend to pack up the car, hit the road and check out somewhere new (or one of your old favourites).

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