Santorini: Sunset Cruise


The Greek island of Santorini conjures up a variety of images when you hear the name.

Stark white buildings atop jagged cliffs, contrasting blue domes that are signature to the town of Oia and the quintessential donkey.

Santorini is such a unique island and visiting is like uncovering a rare gem, only to find out that everyone and their grandmother already knows about it.

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Three delicious dishes to try in Greece


There is so much to love about Greece.

The history, the islands, the culture, the people and of course… the food!

Honestly, I was a little concerned about the food in Greece because they are known for their love of olives (which I dislike) and their use of feta (probably my least favourite cheese – don’t judge me!). But I soon realized, when it comes to eating, Greece offers one of the most diverse dining experiences and some of the best food I’ve had the pleasure of inhaling.

Therefore, for this Thursday’s Three Things I’m talking about my favourite dishes in Greece.

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My Favourite Places to Stay in Crete


When you’re thinking about planning a Greek vacation, the decision of where to go can often be overwhelming. With the country’s rich history, a temperate climate, and hundreds of islands to choose from, what you’re looking for in a vacation spot becomes a choice of personal preference. But allow me to strong suggest Crete.

Crete is the largest and most populated Greek island, and was the first stop on our Greek island tour. We chose it because we were told by friends that it was their favourite, and convinced us that we’d be missing out if we missed this beautiful place.

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