Places to go

La Sagrada Familia

I already had decided what our first priority in Barcelona would be, seeing the interior of La Sagrada Familia.

As this would be my second trip to Barcelona, I wanted to do/see things that I missed during my first visit here – seeing La Sagrada Familia was on top of that list. I did see it last time, however, only the exterior and only for a brief moment during our “free” walking tour of the city. Now it was time to get inside. View Post

Let’s Catch Up


I have been blogging my travels for over a month now and have enjoyed writing every post. It has allowed me an outlet to express myself, share our stories, and explore my dormant love of writing. It’s been great connecting with fellow bloggers and learning about how the travel blogging process works, but I sometimes feel like I’m missing something. View Post

Three Things to do in Granada


When people speak of touring Granada, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Alhambra.

This isn’t surprising, seeing as the Alhambra is Spain’s number one tourist attraction. Millions of people flock to the city each year to revel in the beauty of the centuries old palaces and grounds. However, once your visit to the Alhambra is complete, what else is there to do in Granada? View Post

What to See/ Do In Madrid

The last time I was in Madrid was December 2010, during my backpacking tour of Europe with my BFF. We arrived in the city about a week or two before Christmas, and the city was buzzing with festive spirit. Tons of tourists, lights everywhere, Christmas markets in place, and a giant tree lighting up Puerta Del Sol. The weather was chilly, but nothing our Canadian bodies couldn’t handle. View Post

Our Visit to the Alhambra

 It’s a name you’ve likely heard before, even if you don’t remember what it means. Seeing a photo would impress you, but being there in person will blow your mind.

View Post