Francesco’s Restaurant: Authentic Italian, Sitges Style

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It was pushing 10pm and my hanger level was starting to increase. I knew immediately that we delayed dinner too long and I had to eat immediately. Just around the corner from our apartment in Sitges, Spain, there was a medley of restaurants to choose from, so we decided we’d head over and take a guess.

This lead us to Francesco’s.


Francescos Sitges
Francesco’s Pizzaria – Sitges, Spain

As it was a beautiful warm evening, we decided to eat outside on the patio, and ordered some Gnocchi and Pizza. When the food arrived it was quickly apparent that we had found something out of the ordinary. Every piece of the beautifully-presented food was obviously handmade, and whoever was running the kitchen really knew how to cook…you could just tell. As we devoured our meal, a young man came out to ask if we were enjoying everything. We were surprised when this young man also turned out to be Francesco, the chef-owner.

We praised his food and started inquiring about the restaurant. Francesco Peretto has been living in Sitges for the past six years and originally hails from Torino, Italy. The restaurant was only a month old, and he was open with sharing his excitement with us. For those of you who read the blog regularly, you know that I don’t tend to do individual posts on a restaurant, but Francesco is just too inspiring to leave out.

Francesco Himself.
Francesco Himself.

Francesco’s love for the restaurant industry started at an early age, and he’s always dreamt  of one day opening his own restaurant. He knew that if he wanted to open a successful business, he would need not only a culinary background, but also be well versed in other areas of the industry. His resume includes travelling the world, working in all kinds of culinary roles.

Francesco prides himself on using real, authentic Italian ingredients and isn’t willing to cut corners or costs when it comes to his menu. He firmly believes that in order to represent his country and his heritage he needs to produce quality dishes with fresh and local ingredients. This is the kind of restaurant that in my opinion, is becoming increasingly rare.

Francesco made the best pizza I've ever eaten.
Francesco made the best pizza I’ve ever eaten.

Talking to Francesco was inspiring. Meeting anyone who has turned their dreams into a reality deserves praise and recognition. I asked him, “What advice would you have for others who want to pursue their dream?” His answer was simply, “If you feel strongly about it, fight for it. Know that their are sacrifices. That it will take time, and you will need a lot of experience. But if you can continue to grow, to learn and to adapt, you will be a success”. And that’s the real point of this story.

With the quality of food Francesco is producing, and the passion he has for his restaurant, I have no doubt the restaurant will soon be the talk of the town in Sitges. Ultimately, I walked away feeling inspired by this young man and his hard work. The food is just a bonus.

Oh, and if your looking for food recommendations, don’t leave without trying the Volcano Pizza which is unique to the restaurant and the homemade Tiramisu for desert. Delicious!

If you’re headed to Sitges, you can find Francesco here.

Have you ever been inspired by a business owner like Francesco? Share your story!


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