Last Day in London Town

All week the weather in London had been bearable. Truthfully, for London during March it was almost exceptional. There was no rain, the sun was out everyday and it was about thirteen degrees. Totally doable.

On our last day the clouds rolled in and the wind made it frigid so we decided to do some indoor activities. On the list: the London Eye and St. Paul’s Cathedral. We figured we might as well end on an uber tourist note.


But that changed when we got to the Eye and realized we would have to wait outside to get inside a pod. No thank you. Plus, with the clouds and the haze it wasn’t the best day to ride up in the sky, so off to St. Paul’s we went.

By the time we walked there I was frozen. Now, as many people know I am known to be quite ‘frugal’ so paying for tourist attractions isn’t necessarily my thing; however, at that point in time I would have gladly paid whatever was being asked to be indoors.

We paid our dues (Seventeen pounds each. Ugh.) and grabbed our audio tours. There was a mass happening at the time, which I think happens daily around noon so we decided to sit and take in the recordings and grandness of the church.

That is one hell of a church. It is absolutely beautiful and have no regrets about spending the money to see it all in person.

By far the best part was heading upstairs to the Whispering Gallery and seeing the views of London from the Stone and Golden Galleries. Highly recommended if you want to get your fitness on and you’re not severely claustrophobia or terrified of heights.



After St. Paul’s we decided to try out a pub close to our hotel and have our first English-style fish and chips: it was underwhelming. Enough said.

However, dinner that night was great. We went to a restaurant called 65&King and had some great classic cocktails and a perfectly cooked steak. Delicious!

Then, back to our closet of a hotel room to pack up for our next adventure. Portugal, here we come!

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