Let’s Catch Up


This week has been a whirlwind.

From a wild few days in Marrakesh to a short stop-over in Barcelona, on to Bologna, Italy to unite with family and friends – this week has definitely been one for the books.

I am extremely excited to be here in Italy for a second time, surrounded by loved ones, and beautiful Italian friends to show us a side of Italy that many will never see as a tourist.

So… Let’s Catch Up!

Last night I was sipping on champagne at the Venice Casino.
We are currently staying with friends in Bologna, and Venice is only about an hour away, so yesterday we went on a day adventure to the city. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the streets/ canals were overrun with tourists; a very different sight then when I Iast experienced Venice in November 2010. I absolutely loved touring the city with a local because first, we didn’t get lost! But we also got to see a side of Venice most tourists miss out on. We ended our night at the oldest casino in the world, and I was exhausted from a full day and had little interest in gambling or having a drink. But when I was reminded “You are in VENICE, at the CASINO, how is this our life?!” I immediately grabbed a drink and cheered to our very blessed existence.

The Italians sure know how to eat.
I don’t know how I am going to get through the next three weeks in Italy living with locals. The past two days I have literally stuffed myself silly trying to keep up with their Italian way of life. Three, four, five courses, no problem! Despite the fact that almost each course is what I would consider a full meal. I am trying my best to clear my plate, due to the fact I HATE wasting food, but also because it is considered an insult to not eat everything on you are served. So, I will either gain twenty pounds when I’m here or enter into a food-induced coma as I try to keep up with the pace.

I’m loving the new Mumford & Sons album.
I have been listening to their new album, Wilder Mind on repeat and it is not just because it’s the most recent album I downloaded, but I’m sure that has something to do with it. This one is definitely a more mature sound for the band and I’m not sure how I feel about the banjo-free transition but I really like it none the less.

I didn’t realize how much I miss a nice bathtub.
When we had our short stopover in Barcelona before flying to Italy, we stayed at the Barcelona Airport Hotel. Due to our experience with the Food & Beverage department, I won’t be recommending this place anytime soon; however, the rooms were very nice. Upon arrival I immediately noticed the large, clean tub, and after a week roaming the streets of Marrakesh under the hot sun a bath was calling my name. Despite not having my usual necessities, I worked with what I had, which turned out to be the best relaxing/ splashing around the tub.

My Italian go-to-drink is the Radler.
Don’t get me wrong, I obviously am loving the wine and ending a meal sipping on a limoncello, but these radlers are the perfect patio drinks. They are low in alcohol, so you can polish off a couple during the afternoon without feeling like you won’t make sundown and they aren’t too sweet, so you’re not afraid of the hangover they could possible give (If you’re a lady, you’ve probably experienced the “Cooler” hangover before). Anybody thirsty?



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