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Time for my favourite post of the week… Let’s Catch up!

I’m starting Monday with a bang – or rant session – depending on how you look at it…


It’s official. There are three types of walkers that I can’t stand!
Growing up in small town Ontario I used to walk everywhere, mainly because there was nothing else to do then walk “uptown” multiple times a day. Since then I have always been a walker, making it my main (and often only) form of physical activity. Over the course of my existence I have noticed that not everyone has proper walking etiquette and that is exasperated in tourists setting. Here are the Three types of walkers I can’t stand:

The Cellphone Guy
I think this has turned into enemy number one on sidewalks worldwide. It is the individual who is completely hypnotized by their cellphone screen that they walk into people on every block. If they are not walking into people, they are walking into poles, into oncoming traffic, and just generally sucking at a basic human skill. If you need to use your phone on a public street, go for it, but stand to the side don’t be one of these dinks trying to text and walk.

The Stop-Short
Ugh. This is the worst. I’ll give you the scenario: you’re walking down the street, following a throng of people ahead of you and suddenly the person in front of you stops, with no warning and you slam into them. Then, they look at you like you’re the asshole. This person is essentially a specific form of…

The Oblivious
These are the people on the sidewalk who apparently have no clue that other people are also trying to utilize the pavement. They are the people who are oblivious to their surroundings and seem to lack any awareness to well… anything. They take-up the whole sidewalk, or walk aimlessly so trying to pass them becomes impossible. They can take all physical forms, old, young, solo, groups, so watch out and do your best to always stay in front of them.

Moving on from the annoying walkers…

Sitges is definitely worth the 30 minute train ride from Barcelona.
Sitges is a small beach town south of Barcelona that is known for it’s nightclubs, beaches, and historical sights. It is also the gay-capital of Spain and one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world. A ton of ex-pats have made Sitges their home, and the city comes alive during tourist season. We have had a blast sipping cocktails in the main square and indulging in some fantastic people watching. The city is vibrant and energetic and definitely worth a visit regardless of your sexual orientation.

Check out William Cook’s article for more reasons on why to visit Sitges here.

My current guilty pleasure jam is Shawn Mendes (why do I admit these things?).
I blame Andy for this one. The other day he was reading a New York Times article online and asked me if I had heard of Shawn Mendes and I said no. He explained that he was a young kid from Pickering, Ontario that is blowing up on the pop charts, essentially the new and less-lame Justin Beiber. I then listened to some of his tunes to see if I’d actually heard them before, and, now I’m listening to them far too often for a young woman that’s about to be thirty. Don’t judge, I know you have a guilty pleasure tune too!

I’m almost out of my skin care products and I’m freaking out!
I have been using Eminence Organic Skin Care religiously for about two years now. I completely adore the line, and really don’t want to use anything else because I have had a ‘skin transformation’ while using the products, but I’m almost out! I brought backup for the trip, but apparently not enough. I’ve tried to locate the line in Spain with no success, and reached out to the company on Twitter but sadly, the information received wasn’t accurate. So now, I’m not sure what to do. So if anyone knows where to purchase Eminence Organic in Italy (one of our next stops) please let me know!

Spain has sold me on the Gin and Tonic.
Gin has never been my thing. I’ve always been a vodka girl at heart, with the occasional bourbon to spice things up, but gin I could live without. Well, not anymore! Which is very exciting for Andy, seeing as he’s a gin lover. I had no idea that Spain was obsessed with the classic G&T, there are bars throughout the country that serve only Gin Tonics (they drop the ‘and’ here). Lately, my G&T has been served in goblet sized glasses with a few ice cubes, my choice of fruit (often lemon, lime, or cucumber) and a small bottle of tonic on the side. It’s not only the gin that makes the drink delicious, but the different types of tonic offered can really up the game of this classic cocktail. No more G&Ts with Schweppes tonic when I get home, I am officially upgrading!

Check out Matt Goulding’s exceptional article on Spain and the G&T here.

Do you have any thoughts on clueless walkers, guilty pleasure tunes, or Gin and Tonics? Share!



  1. May 6, 2015 / 1:15 pm

    Hey buddy!!
    Long time since we chatted …. just checked out your blog and it’s really awesome!! I love the types of walkers bit and the new love of GTs!!! I too just recently within the last year discovered Gin and Looooove it!!
    Safe travels and keep the great times rolling!

    • wanderbeforewhat
      May 10, 2015 / 3:36 pm

      Hi Natalie,
      So great to hear from you! Glad you checked out the blog, I might need to post about our epic Montreal trip at some point…. 🙂
      Keep in touch!

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