Hairstyle Travel Hack: Spin Pins


When you are travelling for an extended period of time, you’ll fight your way through many early mornings. Whether it’s to catch a flight, wait for a bus, or meet up for the local tour; the morning often comes sooner than you think.

One thing I struggle with when travelling is how I’m going to make myself presentable for the day ahead when I have so little energy and even fewer products to help me look even vaguely human (I’m looking at you hair straightener).


Often times I couldn’t be bothered dealing with my hair in the morning, but I knew by the end of the day when happy hour called I would want a hairstyle that complimented my overpriced martini.

Luckily, I brought my trusty Spin Pins. These trust devices allowed me the opportunity to create an easy up-do and eventually, lead me to the perfect day-to-night Spin Pin ‘do.

I utilized this hairstyle travel hack all the time – for example, here I am visiting the Colosseum in Rome during the day.


And here I am later in the day heading out to drinks at Piazza Navona.


Are my waves perfect? Absolutely not, but they’re not meant to be. They’re suppose to be fun, flirty, fast and EASY. So if you’re looking for a simple hairstyle for travelling that is low maintenance, invest in some Spin Pins and give this look a try!

Here are my 5 steps to an easy Spin-Pin-Hairstyle:

Step One: Start with wet or damp hair, and divide into two sections.


Step Two: Twist one section around finger and create a bun.


Step Three: Insert Spin Pin by screwing pin into hair bun. Repeat Step Two and Three with second section of hair.


Step Four: Enjoy the day and let your hair air-dry. Go on a walking tour, browse a museum, or grab some drinks on a local patio.


Step Five: When you return from your day and are getting ready for the night ahead, unscrew the Spin Pins from both buns and shake out lightly. Voila! Easy beach waves with no product and/or heating tools necessary!



  • I have thick, wavy hair – although I would hope this hairstyle works for everyone, depending on the length and texture of your hair the outcome might be different.
  • If you notice a crease in the back of your hair that is bothering you (which sometimes happens), use a Spin Pin to create a small bun and rock a half-up/ half-down ‘do!


I absolutely adore my Spin Pins and think they are a great hairstyle travel hack for anyone looking to travel light and rock a low maintenance ‘do.

Have you used Spin Pins? If so, what hairstyles do you use them for?



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      Thanks Federica! Love your site!

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