Happy Hour in Vancouver

There are a variety of afternoon activities I enjoy participating in. For example, a leisurely walk through Stanley Park, some window shopping on Robson, or strolling for goodies through Granville Island. Without a doubt, however, my favourite afternoon activity is grabbing a happy hour drink with friends.

This glorious afternoon tradition is only a recent phenomenon here in beautiful Vancouver. When I worked as a bartender in the city, I remember countless tourists who would wander in around three o’clock to ask about happy hour specials, only to be told, “We don’t do happy hour”. How uncivilized.


The conversation would go something like this:

Tourist- “What are your specials for happy hour?”

Me- “Sadly, we don’t have happy hour here.”

Tourist- “You don’t have happy hour?!?! Well, where can I go that does?”

Me- “Umm, Seattle…”

Luckily, in June 2014 the B.C. government approved legislative to allow happy hours across the province and we have been “cheersing” promptly at 3pm ever since! So without further ado,

Here are a few of Sarah’s favourite Vancouver Happy hours:

Joe Fortes

Although some would consider Joe’s happy hour limited because it’s only offered in the bar and between  4-6pm, it’s still one of my favourites. Not only do they offer a decent glass of wine for $5 but the happy hour menu is full of delicious snacks, that when ordered enough of, constitutes a full dinner!


Catch 122

This restaurant is one of my go-to’s in the city at any hour, but especially at happy hour when they offer classic cocktails and a beer flight for $7. Running Tuesday – Friday from 4pm-6pm as well as Saturday between 5-6pm, Catch 122 is a great place to grab a light snack and a delicious drink before heading out on the town, or better yet, just stay for dinner!


The Roof @ Black and Blue

$5 Prosecco? I’m in! The Roof at Black and Blue is one of my more frequented happy hour locations because it is just so darn close for me and I love the atmosphere up top. You can relax on their couches around the fire-pit, chat with your friends and indulge in great cocktail hour food menu that is 50% off seven days a week between the hours of 2:30-5:30pm.

Of course, I’m not the only one who loves a good happy hour special. For more suggestions on where to grab a Vancouver happy hour drink special, check out these posts from some other great bloggers:

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Where’s your favourite place in Vancouver to grab a happy hour drink? Help me find one I haven’t tried 🙂


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