It’s raining in Toronto; here’s what you should do

Before we set off on our travels through the Caribbean and Europe we had a two-week stop in our glorious former home, Toronto, to visit friends and family.

During our time in the city we had an amazing “indoor day” in an attempt to escape the bone-chilling cold weather that goes hand-and-hand with Toronto in February. Although it’s June now, and starting to warm up in the city, it’s not quite beach weather. Indoor activities might be a good idea until you can truly count on mother-nature to show up.

Here is how to blow your budget and have an epic Saturday (or Sunday if you prefer), in Toronto on a rainy or not-quite-summer day: View Post

Portugal in Pictures


Here is a photo recap of our wonderful time in Portugal. I hope you enjoy! View Post

Portugal: We’ll Meet Again


Our time in Portugal is slowly coming to an end.

We have three days left in this beautiful country, splitting our last few days between Carvoeiro and Faro. I don’t know if it is physically, emotionally, or spiritually possible to enjoy Portugal more than we have our first time around. We are already looking forward to coming back to this country. View Post

Travel Planning for Type B People


I’ve never been one for planning too far in advance, in any aspect of my life, especially with travel.

I don’t like having things ‘too planned’. I’m all for a general guideline of the days ahead, even the week ahead for that matter, but when it gets to the two week mark, that’s about all my Type B personality can handle. View Post

What to do in the Algarve?


I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Algarve in an attempt to determine what will be on tap for the next week. Here are our top five contenders; these could change at a moments notice, but for now this is what we plan on seeing/ doing in the next 5 days:

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