What to do in the Algarve?


I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Algarve in an attempt to determine what will be on tap for the next week. Here are our top five contenders; these could change at a moments notice, but for now this is what we plan on seeing/ doing in the next 5 days:




Many friends and fellow travellers have said that Lagos is a must-do when visiting the Algarve. Therefore, we plan on spending two days checking out this tourist hub. Although the city is renowned for its summer nightlife and parties, all of which we will be missing this time of year, it must be worth checking out for the city’s history (dating back to 2000 years BC) and stunning scenery. Plus, we’re told it has some of the best beaches around, and with the heat wave we are currently experience, we can actually utilize them!
Read more about Lagos here: Lagos Uncovered


Everyone who knows me knows that I am “flighty about fitness”. I whine and complain about going to the gym, doing a lengthy hike, etc, but if you can convince or force me, I am always thankful in the end. During our last road trip we discovered that the Algarve is full of amazing hiking/walking trails that range from cliffside to inland, and right along the beach. We’ve yet to pick which one, but I look forward to actually doing a hike (with minimal complaining) and letting you all know how it went.
Here you can find a great guide on: Trails in the Algarve


I’m frugal. Have I mentioned that? I’m extremely particular about what we spend money to “see” on this trip, for example, admissions to museums, churches, tours, etc. It all can really add up on an adventure like this. However, the sea caves in the Algarve – that I want to see. I must see. Andy has done some research and has picked a company for us to go on a short tour of the caves.
We look forward to showing you some photos from our trip with Algarve Boat Trips later this week.


Faro, Portugal

Faro will be the last stop on our Algarve tour. We plan on spending a few days over the Easter weekend, so we’re not sure what to expect. Easter Sunday is a national holiday, but I’m sure we’ll enjoy exploring the city nonetheless. Faro is known for being the capital of the Algarve and having an a great area referred to as “Old Town”.
Read more about Faro here: Faro Uncovered


International Sand Sculpture Festival
We had no idea this was taking place in the Algarve and only stumbled upon it when we saw a poster for it at the beach. The festival has been taking place for thirteen years, and is the largest sand Sculpture exhibition ever built. With a former sand-sculpturer (that is a word, right?) in our family, it is a must that we go see this!
Read more about FiESA here: International Sand Sculpture Festival


Finally, if time allows I would also love to see Parque Natural do Sudoeste Alentejano e Costa Vincentina which covers over 100km and is the finest persevered stretch of European coastline. The clock is ticking!

Have you ever explored the Algarve region? What did you see/ do?

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  1. Greg
    March 29, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    Hi guys, great following you Sarah. Who is the family sand sculpturest?

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