Black Friday Sales in Vancouver


The other day I was in Forever 21 and as I left, the change room associate said, “Just so you know, we open at 6am on Friday”. I gave her a puzzled look, responded “Thanks?” and walked away thinking “Why would Forever 21 be opening so early on Friday?”

It took a while but then dawned on me; Black Friday – apparently has become a big thing in Canada. I hoped it would never come to this.


According to recent statistics, Black Friday doesn’t have the same effect on Canadians as it does on those south of the border – maybe it’s because it’s just a regular working Friday for the majority of us, or maybe the images of people stampeding through Walmart have left us scarred. Either way, I couldn’t bear the thought of my beloved fellow Canadians treating each other like that.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be had.

In my opinion, if Canadian retailers are going to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon, I think it’s our duty, or at at least my duty, to check out what they’re offering and see if it might be worth our time & hard earned cash.


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And for those who aren’t deterred by our plummeting 2015 dollar, terrible shipping rates, and ridiculous duty fees, check out these online deals:

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Will you be heading out to shop this Black Friday? If so, what’s your must-have deal?

What do you think separates us from the shopping frenzy south of the border?




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