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Long Term Travel: Essentials from H&M

If you have been following my journey on Wander Before What since the beginning, you would remember that packing is not my forte.

Although I have improved on my packing skills over the years (I can now do three weeks in the Caribbean with just a carry-on), the thought of packing for six months of travel over three different seasons was daunting.

But now that we are coming up on the end of this journey and I look into my suitcase… I think I nailed it! I’ve had a few people ask me what I bought and what I brought. View Post

Recent Discoveries: Travel Blog Edition

Since I started this blog five months ago, I have learned so much about the blogging world, specifically the travel-blogging community.

I have become a regular social media user (Instagram and Twitter I’m looking at you), and have continued to find my niche, or voice, as I work away on my little corner of the internet.

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Three Skincare Products I Love

Over the past three months I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of writing my blog. It has given me an outlet to communicate with friends and family, meet new friends via the blogging community and forced me to learn acronyms that were previously not part of my vocabulary. SEO anyone?!

Having my own little space on the internet has also assisted in rediscovering my passion for writing, sharing, and exploring the world around me. But moving forward there are other interests that I would like to integrate into my blog… the first being beauty and fashion.

This Thursday’s Three Things is a beauty post is on my favourite skincare products so read on and enjoy!

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One Day in Bologna

Home to the world’s oldest university and famous for its Tortellini, the city of Bologna, Italy has a great deal to offer travellers looking for an Italian experience off the well-travelled path of Venice, Florence, or Rome. But after spending a week in the vibrant city, it is safe to say, that Bologna is “the” city for food lovers.

With a nickname like La Grassa, meaning the Fat One, it’s no wonder I left the city a few pounds heavier and in awe of the culinary experience that is Bologna.

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Francesco’s Restaurant: Authentic Italian, Sitges Style

favourite restaurant in sitges

It was pushing 10pm and my hanger level was starting to increase. I knew immediately that we delayed dinner too long and I had to eat immediately. Just around the corner from our apartment in Sitges, Spain, there was a medley of restaurants to choose from, so we decided we’d head over and take a guess.

This lead us to Francesco’s. View Post