Packing. This is not my forte.

I did it. I opened my suitcase and started haphazardly throwing items into it. Dresses, skirts, bathing suits, much like Jenna Marbles does in the video above.

I thought I would start with one ‘season’ or ‘location’ at a time so the task at hand didn’t feel so overwhelming. I decided to start with the Caribbean. Hot, sunny, not a lot of clothing necessary. This should be easy.

Well… next thing I know, half my suitcase is full and I think to myself “I might have gone overboard”.

So I deconstruct the suitcase and start counting

7 bathing suit tops & 5 bottoms
3 skirts
4 shorts
10 dresses
10 shirts & 2…
Rompers… because one clearly isn’t enough.

I take a step back and think “How am I possibly going to do this?!” After a moment of contemplation I think to myself three things:

1) When did I become so attached to my clothes that I feel the ‘need’ to bring so many
2) The world will keep spinning even if you don’t bring ‘that’ dress
3) This isn’t my first rodeo

I have been to the Caribbean multiple times before where I wear the same shorts on repeat, and furthermore I have traveled Europe with a much smaller backpack, during fall/winter where heavier clothes are needed.

So I tell myself, “Stop acting like you are trying to solve world hunger and pack a damn suitcase”.

So I did 🙂

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