One Week Countdown.


In a week, the comfort of my own bed will be a memory that I am sure I will often crave. Yet the excitement of our impending adventure is enough that the thought takes up just a split second of my day.

We have so much to do!

Which is why I feel blessed to have my partner because if I were doing this on my own, everything would be left to the very last day, or more like minute. He inspires me to overcome my genetic disposition to procrastination (I’m looking at you mother) and try to start a few things early.

For instance, I have cleaned out the closets and packed up what I am referring to as “the potentials“. Meaning, they have the potential to make it in my suitcase, but for many of them, or should I say most, they will be forced to stay behind. I keep telling my favorite oxford wedges, and new houndstooth trench that it will be harder on me, but I don’t think they believe me.

The thought of packing one suitcase for three separate seasons: winter, spring and summer, is daunting. But as long as I don’t pack anything from my last European adventure, I should be fine.

For example, my best and I call this the ‘Michael Bolton and Bret Michaels go biking in Salzburg look’.

bret michaels and michael bolton

Let it be known, that I have come a great way from the days of Alma Mater sweatshirts, and Nike cross-trainers (not the new trendy ones). Therefore, my packing and subsequent travel style will reflect this.

But packing for a trip with such seasonal and local diversities is intimating. Especially when you love your clothes.

However, I have a week to figure it out. Good thing my partner told me to start early.

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