Stop Talking. Start Doing.


I’m a big talker.

It is one of my greatest strengths, and one of my largest weaknesses. This is for a variety of reasons.

The strength of having the gift of gab has afforded me many opportunities in my life, but more importantly allowed me to connect with a variety of people. Some for the long haul, and others in brief instances that have left impressionable marks.

I am loud (often to a fault), outspoken and some might say mildly abrasive. These characteristics can be looked at as both strengths and weaknesses given the situation at hand.

But the real reason why talking has become a great weakness of mine is because often times I nail the talking part…. But lack in the doing part (or as my best reminds me “Follow through has not been your strong suit”). For example, I’m going to (insert physical exercise here) today, or I’m going to sign up for (insert various hobby class here) today.

For the past year, my partner and I have been discussing taking some time to travel before we enter the next stage of our lives (the elusive what). This has led to lots of talking, “Where should we go?” “When should we go?” and “How do we make this happen?”

Well, you make things happen when you stop talking and start doing. Throw caution to the wind, stop over analyzing, and just go for it!

Therefore, with the appropriate nudge from him, we set a date, booked our airfare for the first leg of our journey, and have started the process of planning our 2015 adventure.

I have officially stopped talking about it, and can now start making it happen.

That’s obviously what the map and Post-it’s are for.

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  1. December 4, 2014 / 6:04 am

    I like your map with the post-its. I also echo the sentiment about stop talking and start making it happen. Three years ago, I started dating a Brit, who is now my husband. Prior to meeting him, I had not traveled outside of North America ( although I’ve seen a ton of the US)…in the last three years, I’ve been lucky enough to go on three trips to the UK totally nearly three months. We drove all over Scotland, England and Wales. Last summer we did a week in Sweden and this coming summer, we are doing a cruise in the Mediterrenean hitting ports in Spain and France. I feel like my travel dreams are finally happening! Best of luck with your travels. Have fun planning!

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